If this is your first introduction to Karetas Brewing, thank you for checking us out.  As you may have discovered, we have a different model than most of the mass produced craft beers on the market.  The combination of our extreme focus on quality through small-batch production, along with extremely strong demand from our customers, led us to decide early on that we would not follow the "normal" model of flooding retailers with our product.  Instead, we use an allocation list, known to many of our friends and colleagues as "The List".  All those on The List receive an email once per quarter regarding how many cases they may purchase.  There is no obligation to buy an allocation, but given how hard it is to get your hands on our beers outside of fine restaurants and perhaps trading sites, our customers tend to take whatever they are allocated.  Anyone can request to be on The List by emailing us at info@karetasbeer.com, and you will receive a response within days re confirmation that you're in line to be added.  There is sometimes a wait, but we always do our best to allocate a case to new customers within a release cycle.  

Note that barrel aged versions of all of our beers are available in even smaller quantities and are also allocated using The List.  If BA 2017 Archangel M sounds amazing, make sure you get on the list today.